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Build your own Candle

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create a unique


Now you can build your very own bespoke candle.  It's time to get creative and make the candle you really want to burn... your way.


Here's how:

First pick a wick, choose from a crackling wooden wick or a cotton wick.  Next select your essential oils.  You will be asked to choose a base note essential oil, a middle note and a top note.  By choosing these essential oils in the different notes, they often blend well.  However, you can be creative, trust your instincts and pick the scents that talk to you.  Anything goes, the main thing is you like it.


Your naturally scented candle will take about a week to create.  It will burn for around 40 hours and you can be confident there will be no obscure chemicals, plastic or artificial fragrances.  Each candle is made by hand in the great British countryside, looking out at the birds, rain, horses and fields.​  Cotswold Pure Candles are designed to highlight the simple beauty of nature.  Cotswold Pure candles are vegan friendly, totally plant based and they are refillable: buy one then send it back for a candle refill.  Pure.  As candles should be.


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