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Say au revoir to waste with refillable candles

Say au revoir to waste and hello to refillable candles.  If you are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly in your life then refilling candles is a simple way of making small changes that make a difference.


Here at Cotswold Pure, aiming to be environmentally friendly is really important. That's why when you buy a Cotswold Pure candle, you can burn it with the knowledge that when it's all gone, you can just pop in one of our candle refills and reuse your jar.  Thank you for supporting this initiative.


How to refill candles


Clean out your old Cotswold Pure candle by placing the jar in a bowl of boiling water with a splash of cold water.

Using a teaspoon just nudge out the left over wax and wick. 

Wipe out the jar with a dry cloth. 


Pop in your refill.


Your candle is now as good as new.


On the first use, burn for 3-4 hours.


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