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11 ways to create Cotswold hygge

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Getting cosy over Autumn and Winter is one way to improve the harsh reality of the seasons. Follow these tips, light some candles, create some comfort, style and Cotswold hygge in your home.

1. Light a fire.

There's no better way to get cosy than to light the fire, draw the curtains and settle in for the night. Forget about all the problems in the world and really enjoy being inside, snug and warm.

2. Invest in beautiful blankets and pile them up.

You can never have too many blankets in your home in my opinion. This year I've spotted some rather nice ones at The British Blanket Company. They have some really stylish colourways and they look super soft. I was also impressed with the National Trust selection of blankets. They were using recycled materials which is definitely the way forward. Cosy and environmental is definitely a winner in my book.

3. Treat your home to some candles. Our Cotswold Pure Botanicals beauties are made with just two ingredients (soy wax plus essential oils) and will do the job very nicely.

4. Buy some new cosy socks or slippers.

I never thought happiness would come from a pair of socks until I was bought some lovely super soft, posh, wool socks from a friend as a present. What a treat:)

5. Cook some proper, lovely dinner and spend ages at the table enjoying it fully. Light a candle and go to town (not actually to town, get the napkins out I mean!).

6. Invite good friends round for some food. Make it relaxed for you and them by offering something lovely but that hasn't taken all day to prepare. Simple and quick does not mean it's not delicious.

7. Remove all the annoying clutter from your lounge. Make your sitting room a room to relax and take pleasure from the gentle soothing surroundings.

8. Invest in some bottles of good red wine...and savour them (with the fire lit - see point number 1).

9. Treat yourself to some new books. Take time out to sit down and take a moment for you. If we can't do this in the Winter then when can we?

10. Have a film night..treat yourself to your favourite chocolates, candlelight and blankets.

11. Make a wreath for your door to welcome yourself home. This one is so luxurious. Not long now till Christmas:)

Have a cosy one folks and good luck making your home the place you want to be this Winter.

Warm wishes,

Sally-Anne x


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