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Clean Living at Home

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Since starting Cotswold Pure Botanicals, where I only use natural ingredients in my essential oil candles, it's really made me think about all the other areas of my life where I could go a bit more natural and clean up my act. After doing a bit of a stock check at home I realised that there were loads of chemicals and harsh products lurking about in my kitchen and bathroom, whether for cleaning the house or for personal use.

Here are 10 simple ways to start cleaning up our homes and lives of excess chemicals and pollution.

Number 1: Indoor air quality can be poor so open your windows whenever possible, get some indoor plants and let in the sunlight which is a natural antibacterial agent.

Number 2: Cut down on the amount of products that we use on our bodies. Some ingredients can cause irritation and drying and who knows what they are doing to our health. We are after all often applying chemicals directly to our skin. Aim to use products you would be happy to eat. Water, essential oils and honey mixed with a dash of milk work really well in a bath.

Number 3: Get a doormat. Use a door mat and take off your shoes inside the house to avoid pollution coming in from the street.

Number 4: Buy organic soap or handwash without too many stripping detergents. Plain old soap is just as effective as antibac when it comes to cleanliness. Antibac products contain a chemical called Triclosan which has been linked with liver toxity and also end up in the water cycle in our amazing rivers.

Number 5: Try an e-cloth in the kitchen on your surfaces. Instead of sprays and cleaners you just use water and the cloth and then polish off with another one of their cloths. I've been using them for years. They work brilliantly...super shiny surfaces, check out my elbow grease.

Number 6: Go natural with scents and perfumes. Look for essential oils over synthetic fragrances. Natural wins whenever possible in my books. Fragrances are usually chemical and made in a lab.

Number 7: Get rid of things you can do without. Dryer sheets, perfumes, scented body washes. Get back to basics if you can.

Number 8: Switch slowly, you can't do all this overnight so whenever you buy a new product try to make an informed choice. Pat yourself on the back for making small improvements gradually.

Number 9: Stop burning candles with paraffin and synthetic fragrance. They essentially create indoor air pollution. Go pure instead and try ours, much nicer and better for your health as they are made with only two ingredients, soy wax and essential oils. Pure, as it should be.

Number 10: Avoid foods with additives and loads of ingredients. Eat like your granny did, she would know exactly what went into every dish and she probably wouldn't be scoffing strawberries in December if you know what I'm getting act.

I hope you find these easy and affordable ideas useful to improve your home and health. I'm going to make a real effort this year to cut back, stop slathering on, breathing in rubbish and eat a bit better. Have a great day.

Warm wishes,

Sally-Anne x


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