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Cosy up guide

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

After the busy-ness of Summer and all that rushing around, surviving Autumn and its duller, shorter days requires a little more contemplation and effort. There is a need to sit about a bit and get cosy, preferably with plenty of tea, biscuits, blankets and candles of course.

Here is our guide for getting cosy:

1) Sit down by the fire with a good book. Take your time and feel no guilt, this is our hibernation time so it would be rude not to. Autumn is nature's way of saying slow down, take it easy and climb into your hole (not literally, sitting by the fire will suffice).

2) Go shopping for a collection of lovely red wine ready for the Winter. It was a revelation when I realised that wine and a real fire could get me through the Winter. From now on dark nights and cosy nights in are to be embraced.

3) Light more candles, even at breakfast! We have some beauties to choose from:) For the dark evenings our White Christmas candle scented with Fir Needle will make you feel homely.

4) Drink more tea with friends. Friends and socialising does make us feel better. In fact, studies have linked close friendships to physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. Friendship and socialising can give us stronger immunity, lower stress levels and improved self-confidence.

5) Aim to go outside as much as possible and try to appreciate the new season (hoping desperately that it will be sunny-ish until November). You will never regret a walk out, whatever the weather.

Well, I wish you a warm, cosy and fruitful October folks.

Warm wishes,

Sally-Anne x


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