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How our candle refill service works

Cotswold Pure Botanicals fills empty candle jars with luxuriously rich scented candle refills. They are super easy to use, just pop a candle refill into your used white jar.

Say bye bye to empty jars and refill your old candle jars with a simple to use candle refill.

Scented candle refills

Making small positive changes is the easy bit, the difficulty is choosing your next scent. There are oodles of scents to try next for your next candle refill.

Here is an idea of the types of expertly blended and delectable scents on offer:

Lemon Verbena & Basil Mood boosting Lemon Verbena intertwined with organic Basil. Citrus and herbaceous notes for clarity of mind. Inspiration | wilderness, freedom and space

Cotswold Lavender

Locally grown Lavender essential oil, from Cotswold Lavender, Broadway, England is blended with renewable soy wax for total relaxation.

Inspiration | Complete rest and relaxation

Lime & Basil

Fresh, vital organic basil and the enlivening zesty scent of lime bring light and brightness into your life. This candle is great for the kitchen to help freshen things up.

Rosemary & Sea Salt

Invigorating Rosemary with its evergreen-like scent is lifted with mineral rich sea salt. A deeply grounding candle. Inspiration | Land meets seascape

Shop the Rosemary & Sea Salt candle refill Neroli & Pink Grapefruit candle refill

Elegant and intoxicating notes of Neroli, from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, are delicately intertwined with Pink Grapefruit oil.

Inspiration | Escapes and adventures

There are many more fragrances to pick from and we add more all the time to match seasons and tastes.

Shop all refill scents at our Candle Refill Shop 🌸🌸🌸

Five excellent reasons to refill your candle jars

It’s an easy way to reuse

It saves you money - you only buy one full priced candle or a candle refill starter kit

It means you are not buying new, using unnecessary extra resources. This supports the good old fashioned way or looking after what you have until it can serve you no more

You can try at will oodles of different scents, hooray to that

You are supporting Women in Business. Thank you so much for supporting my small business

Say au revoir to waste and hello to refillable candles.

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day.

Warm wishes


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