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How to make a cosy home

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

The home is where it's at. Staying in is the new going out and getting cosy in your own space is so important to feel nurtured and good about life.

Here's how to make your abode as cosy as poss. These ideas are simple, effective and won't bust the budget strings hopefully.

Here we go, prepare to chill out, relax and get super cosy with our top tips for cosiness.

1. Get rid of the big light in the lounge and adjust the lighting so it's soft and gentle. Think lamps and not big overhead lights. Think dimmers not stark glares. If you do have an overhead light try a cool shade that creates soothing patterns on the ceiling or diffuses the light well creating gentle not harsh lighting in the room.

2. Light a fire and put your feet up. There's nothing like a fire that says tonight we are staying in and loving our nest.

3. Buy some nice throws, blankets or sheepskins to soften your room and make you feel warm and safe when your home and done for the day.

4. Seek out the softest socks you can find or invest in some cosy slippers to keep your feet toasty and warm.

5. Buy a nice dressing gown if it's cold where you live. This makes a big difference early in the morning when you get out of bed, it's less of a shock on the system if you don't feel cold.

6. Pop some blankets onto your bed to create a haven away from the world. This is your spot for serene relaxation.

7. Treat yourself to some nice candles. Forget the ones with synthetic fragrance which are commonly found in mass produced candles, choose one of ours, just soy wax and essential oils. Pure. As it should be. Click here to have a look.

8. Go foraging for some greens or blossom to pop in a simple, large vase. It looks amazing and costs nothing just a little time gathering up beauty.

Now your home is set to cosy mode you can stay in and enjoy or invite friends around who can also enjoy your amazing company and home.

Stay cosy folks, with warm wishes



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