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How to make a fern christmas wreath

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

I spotted a rather cool fern wreath for sale in one of those lovely christmas gift brochures that come through the post. You know the tactile, matt paper ones that make everything look gorgeous and desirable. So when out in the woods on one of my run/walks, I thought I would collect a few dried out ferns and have a go at making my own. My friend did look at me a little unconvinced but I think the results in the end were pretty good and it has a cool, minimalist look about it. Perfect for a pared down, natural bit of chrimbo styling.

So here's how to do it if you fancy having a go at your own and saving yourself quite a few pounds in the process, hoorah! In fact the total cost was minimal because the wreath base I had stored from last year. Use what you've got but if you haven't got one lurking in the cupboard you can buy an inexpensive metal hoop if you want.

Step one:

Gather your bits and pieces. You will need:

*A wreath base, use a willow one or a metal hoop

*Fine floristry wire

*Foraged fern - don't take too much, just enough for a wreath

*String or ribbon to hang

*Wire cutters or secateurs

*A candle to burn and some music to listen to

Step two:

Begin to twist the fern around the wreath hooking and weaving it into the nooks and crannies. Secure each fern stem into place with a piece of floristry wire.

Step three:

Build up more and more pieces of fern until the wreath is nicely covered all the way around and secured in place with wire.

Step four:

Tie some string or ribbon around the wreath and hang in your home or on your front door.

You could try adding a few extra items if you want such as hydrangeas, twigs or twinkly lights. I hope you enjoy making a fern winter wreath.

Warm wishes,

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