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How to make a Christmas wreath

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Last year I was taught by a man called Jez how to make a Christmas wreath and it’s a useful as well as lovely bit of knowledge. I think I will make one every year from now one. It’s a really positive thing to do which starts with a walk out foraging for firs, holly and other greenery. The results, in the end, are much more than you put in. They are so impressive and opulent if you put plenty of foliage in and they can even look like the ones you would pay a fortune for from a top florist, garden centre or professional wreath maker.

Here’s how you do it...

Shopping list for making a Christmas Wreath, you will need:

  • plenty of greenery eg Fir, Holly, Ivy. Look for interesting colours, textures and shapes, this will all add interest and the wow factor to your wreath.

  • Embellishments, such as dried hydrangeas, cones, plants of an unusual colour or shine.

  • wire cutters

  • hessian burlap, ribbon or string to tie up your wreath

How to make a Christmas wreath:

Step 1.

After your foraging walk, cut up your greenery into 10 inch pieces. Gather lots of individual pieces of greenery and create a chunky bouquet. Secure with the floristry wire.

How to make a lush christmas wreath

How to make a lush Christmas wreath

Step 2.

Make around 12-15 of these individual chunky mini bouquets.

How to make a lush Christmas wreath

Step 3.

Attach each bouquet to the wire ring or willow ring securely, overlapping each one as you make your way around the circle until each one is in place and the whole circle is covered. Put plenty of the mini bouquets onto the ring as more will look more opulent and luxurious.

How to make a lush Christmas wreath

Step 4.

Use some thick ribbon, twine or rope to hang up your wreath.

How to make a lush Christmas wreath

Happy foraging and enjoy the Winter season folks. Getting outside and crafting something amazing will make you feel good this year.

Warm wishes and love from Sally at Cotswold Pure Botanicals

Artisan candle maker and workshopper x

Please note, this how to make a Christmas wreath guide does include links to Affiliates which means that if you buy some materials, I would earn a small commission. Thank you for supporting Cotswold Pure Makers Guides.


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