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For the love of Lemongrass

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

If you are looking for a new candle, one that contains Lemongrass essential oil not only smells wonderful but Lemongrass essential oil also possesses many great benefits.

Lemongrass is mild and sweet and has amazing qualities. It is a plant related to the grass family. It grows mainly in tropical and warm parts of the Earth such as India and South East Asia. The smell is so intoxicatingly tropical and is reminiscent of faraway and exotic holidays.

Refreshing: Lemongrass is light and fresh and works really well in a candle. Here we team it with Rosemary which gives a lovely grounding, refreshing candle.

It's botanical name is Cymbopogon flexuosus. The essential oils we use at Cotswold Pure Botanicals are collected from the plant's leaves and steam is used to extract the exquisite Asian scent. The scent is wonderful, strong and herbacious.

Benefits of Lemongrass essential oil: - can help relieve headaches - can improve energy levels - a natural air freshener - reduces stress and anxiety

Synthetic versus natural

When we say that our Cotswold Pure candles are  composed of natural fragrances, we mean that all of the scents were extracted from a plant by steam or heat extraction, cold pressing, or carbon dioxide extraction. Pure essential oils are not synthetic like many fragrances used in perfumery or home fragrance products.

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