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Time for chemical free candles

We now know that chemical fragrances and ingredients can be a threat to human health and the planet, but they can have a serious effect on your pets, too. That's why we have always believed in sourcing the finest natural ingredients for Cotswold Pure Botanical's products. Natural fragrance is at the centre in developing our candles. They not only work well, but also smell great too.  Working your way through lists of perfume ingredients is a minefield. Synthetic fragrances, alongside synthetic colours, are common causes of skin allergies and sensitivities, and many contain nearly 2000 chemicals in just the scent itself. So, please forget the synthetic body sprays, air fresheners, lotions and bubble baths, and opt for naturally-scented candles instead. What's more, your pet, with it's ultra sensitive nose, can suffer badly from synthetic, highly-fragranced products, including synthetically fragranced candles. So they will benefit from the switch to natural, too. 

Cotswold Pure Botanicals use only the purest essential oils to fragrance our candles - which have wonderful mood-boosting properties and health benefits - these unique blends of oils smell amazing naturally. 

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