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How to make a nature board

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

I'm a nightmare come Autumn, I'm not ready and I always need more sunshine and more summer. But I know the best course of action is to embrace Autumn, to get outside, look at the amazing colours that nature has to offer and then it's actually not so bad, I admit it.

This week, I picked a few foraged leaves and dried bits and created a nature board. Here's how to do it if you would like to give it a go yourself. It's super easy, strangely meditative and looks really pretty at the end.

The first thing to do is get yourself outside on a walk and see what you can find. Get your nature eye in and start to look for nice colours that you find attractive, interesting shaped foliage or dried out flower heads. At the moment, you'll find Cow Parsley flower heads that are strong in shape, dried grasses and beautifully rich in rusty red colour, red veined dock. When you see something you like take a bit home with you. Remember not to take too much and never take a single specimen. If a snail has made a home, he got there first, you need to find something else.

When you are back home in the cosy warm, the first thing to do is light a candle and pour yourself a cuppa and then your are ready to set to work. Lay out your nature finds on the table and place them on a board or large piece of card or paper. Arrange the foraged bits in a way that you find pleasing to your eye. It doesn't matter if you feel like it's not good, it doesn't matter. Nobody needs to see it. It's just a process that is creative and artistic in its own way.

Download an app on your phone, I used PictureThis to help identify the plants you picked. Write the names of each plant on a piece of tape and then attach the plant to the piece of paper or board with the tape to make a nature board. How does it look? Hope you have fun and stay cosy this Autumn and Winter.



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