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3 Month Candle Refill Subscription

Each month we'll post out a seasonal refill candle from our range, so you will never be without a gorgeous, essential oil candle. Candle refills will arrive in plastic free packaging.


How it works

Your card will be charged just once for 3 months worth of candle refills.

Please note, this is a candle refill only subscription. You will need a Cotswold Pure Botanicals White Candle Jar.

Delivery is free.

You will receive your first refill as soon as possible after you order and your next refill will be posted as with all subscriptions on the 15th of the month.

Orders placed after the 14th of the month will be sent the following month.

The subscription will end after the 3 months.

Offer only available for delivery in the UK.

If you are ordering for a Christmas gift, please note that the first refill is sent when you order.

3 Month Refill Candle Club

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