Cotswold Pure Botanicals' soy candles are infused with pure essential oils and hand poured in the Cotswolds, England.  Made with only two natural ingredients, our candles are clean burning.  We avoid obscure chemicals, paraffin and synthetic fragrances, commonly found in mass produced candles. 

Pure.  As candles should be.


In a nutshell:

No obscure ingredients, no paraffin, 100% natural fragrance.


Ingredients: Grapefruit, Lavender and Sweet Orange essential oils and renewable soy wax



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On first use, burn for 3-4 hours.  Ideally you want the wax to melt to the edge.  Then, each time you burn your candle, break the wick to around 0.5cm before burning.  It's good to burn the candle for a good couple of hours each time.  By doing this, you will get the most out of your candle.



This candle is made from recyclable glass.  It is widely recycled in your home recycling.  Better still, reuse the pot if you can or send back to us for a candle refill.


Grapefruit, Lavender + Sweet Orange Candle

  • 100% Natural fragrance

    Plastic free

    Soy wax from a completely renewable source.

    Made with pure essential oils, no synthetic fragrance oils 

    Non toxic

    Vegan friendly candle - all plant based


    The details:


    Height: 9cm Diameter: 8cm

    Approximately 40 hours burning time

    Hand poured

    White glass container which is recyclable or send it back and it can be refilled