Say hello to refillable candles

Welcome to Cotswold Pure Botanicals.  Based in the Cotswolds, England, we make renewable and sustainable candles using 100% soy wax that is infused with pure essential oils, just two ingredients.  The aim is to pack the most delicious scents into each naturally scented candle without using obscure chemicals, plastic or paraffin.  Each candle is made by hand here in the great British countryside, looking out at the birds, meadow and wild flowers.​  The result is a range of non toxic soy candles inspired by nature, countryside and the seasons that make you feel good, not damage your health.  Our candles are vegan friendly, totally plant based and are refillable: buy one then send it back for a refill.  Pure.  As candles should be.

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100% plant based candles infused with essential oils

Cotswold Pure Natural candle
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