Say hello to 100% natural candles

Welcome to Cotswold Pure Botanicals where candles are made to delight your senses and stir your soul.  Enjoy the power of essential oils packed into each and every one.  Each luxury candle uses the highest grade pure essential oils blended with renewable soy wax so why not light a candle and reconnect - with yourself and with nature.  Here it's all about purity, balance and natural ingredients.  I hope that each time you light one of Cotswold Pure's candles your day feels a little lighter as you breathe in the power of essential oil candles. 

100% natural

Scented candles made with renewable soy wax and pure essential oils.  Avoiding obscure chemicals, paraffin and synthetic fragrances, common to many candles on the market today.  

Pure essential oils

Here at Cotswold Pure the aim is to keep our candle making nice and simple.  There are no synthetic fragrances in these candles, only 100% pure essential oils.

Candle Recycling

Cotswold Pure scented candles are handmade in small batches.  The mission is to keep things simple, pure and as environmentally friendly as possible. You can send our empty containers back for a refill.

Cotswold Pure Candles
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Cotswold Pure Natural Candle range
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Pure.  As candles should be.

The Cotswolds LR

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Why Cotswold Pure?

I had been burning candles for years.  I love a scented candle, even at the breakfast table.  So when I found out that lots of mass produced candles (and even some of the really expensive ones) contain lots of unnecessary ingredients and chemicals I thought there must be a better way to enjoy candles.

With that in mind I embarked on making my own candles containing nothing but pure natural ingredients and Cotswold Pure Botanicals was born.​  

Based in the beautiful Cotswolds, England, I use simple ingredients derived from nature's plants, herbs and flowers, which are all pure and are not tested on animals. 


I use 100% soy wax that is renewable and sustainable, pure essential oils and wooden wicks.  The aim is to pack the most delicious scents into each naturally scented candle.  Each candle is lovingly made by hand here in the great British countryside, looking out at the birds, meadow and wild flowers.

The result is a range of non toxic soy candles inspired by nature, countryside and the seasons that make you feel happy when you light them. 


Just so you know, the candles here are totally plant based and I am proud to sell vegan friendly candles.

Pure.  As candles should be.

Warm wishes, Sally-Anne

© 2020 Cotswold Pure Botanicals, Broadway, England  

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