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Image by Janus Clemmensen

Buy a candle and a tree will be planted on your behalf

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 "arbre" French noun:meaning tree

See also: arboretum, arboreta, devotion to trees.

We need 1.5 billion new trees by 2050 to be carbon neutral

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Buy a candle

Image by David Vig

A tree will be planted on your behalf

A forest the size of the UK is lost every year

Image by Janus Clemmensen

Luxury candles with

natural fragrance

Forests are one of the best ways we have to lock in Carbon

good to know...

What type of tree will be planted?

A mixture of trees will be planted.  Planting is designed to maximise the health and wellbeing of planting sites, and promote biodiversity in the forest.

Where will my tree be planted?

Your tree will be planted in the British Isles.  One of the main planting sites is in Scotland, near Glen Affric. 

Will my tree ever be cut down for timber?

No your tree will never be cut down for timber.

When will my tree be planted?

The aim is to plant all trees within 12 months. There are two distinct planting seasons, running from March to May and September to October.

Image by Gustav Gullstrand

 About A R B R E

Hello.  I'm Sally and I make candles.  I wanted to do more than just make candles.  I wondered how I could use my little bit of knowledge and skill in a way that could help the planet.  It's all very worrying what's happening to our planet isn't it?  I'm hoping that in a small way, we (ie you and I) can make positive change.  So when you buy a candle (a lovely handmade one made with plant based wax, a wooden wick and pure essential oils)  a tree will be planted in the UK on your behalf.  Your tree will be planted in the British Isles and will be a native species: either Scot's pine, oak, hazel, alder, birch or rowan.  Your tree will never be chopped down for timber you will be pleased to know, but will help to rewild our beautiful land, assist biodiversity and help to trap CO2.


hello gorgeous humans, let's get some trees planted



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