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Refill candles

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

A candle is for life not just a one off purchase. If you are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly in your life then refilling candles is a simple way of making small changes that make a difference.

There are many things we buy, use once and then throw away or recycle. If ideally we are aiming to have less waste, recycling is actually way down the list of things we should do to be more environmentally friendly. Before recycling, which can use lots of energy and water, is the idea of "reuse". So how can we reuse our candles?

Here at Cotswold Pure, trying to be environmentally friendly is really important. That's why when you buy a Cotswold Pure candle, you can burn it with the knowledge that it is made with renewable soy wax which is biodegradable. Even better, when you have finished burning it, you can just pop in one of our candle refills and reuse your jar.

How to refill candles with a Cotswold Pure candle refill

Simply clean out your old Cotswold Pure candle by placing the jar in a bowl of boiling water with a splash of cold water (so the jar doesn’t crack with too much heat) then using a teaspoon just nudge out the left over wax and wick It should just ease out and you can compost or pop it in the bin.

Once your jar is clear, pop in your new wax refill available from Cotswold Pure. Your candle refill is made with a blend of renewable soy wax and pure essential oils. Your old candle is now as good as new! And it’s better than buying yet more containers to be enjoyed and then only thrown away. You can also try new scents each time you refill your candle.

If you'd like to begin your candle for life journey and refill with us, please click here for more info.

Happy re-using!


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